ahmed halim

coming from a very small village in the middle of egypt.

spent 25 years of my life between beni suef and cairo.

got my architecture degree from the high institute of engineering in el shorouk city.

came to france at 2015.

worked in aia life designers since 2016 as an architect and bim coordinator (paris, france).

in 2017, started working as a bim manager (toujours in aia).

in 2021, i wrote my first book about Dynamo for Revit (in french language). published by le moniteur and autodesk france.


What I Do


i like working on architectural projects from time to time. i worked in several projects between egypt, usa, japan and france. from schematic design to construction documentation phases.


i wrote a book about Dynamo for Revit, in french language. check it out in amazon if you're interested. maybe soon there will be more 🙂

Building Information Modelling

believe it or not, i the word BIM is kinda too much for me that one person can do it all. so, i am working as a bim manager, but basically i like to do certain things in the bim world : data management, analysis, ..etc. if you want me to fail though, ask me to organize meetings and write bim documents. i am bad in this.


first hobby i ever discovered was drawing, it is still alive with me so far, and i love to draw things from time to time.